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Documentation for Freely-Available Software

Here are documentation trees for some freely-available software packages. These pages are generated by various filters from the documentation source that comes with the packages in question, and so may have some faults.

Most of these packages are available in source form from our anon-ftp server .

Documentation on GNU Project Packages

Here are documentation trees for most of the GNU Project software packages. This documentation is available in several formats, including HTML, DVI, and PostScript.

Documentation on Graphics-Related Packages

There are two ways you can get the same information from these packages.

Split by info-node which has a lot of smaller files. Each one is quicker to download, but you may have to grab more pages to get all the info you need.


Split by chapter which has fewer, but larger, files for most packages.

Documentation on Miscellaneous Packages

 tidy-1999.10.22 - a program to clean up HTML source
 perl-5.6.1 - Complete documentation.
 Schedule-Cron-0.03 - Perl Module.
 XML-Parser-2.30 - Perl Module.
 rsync-2.4.1 - manpages

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