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VIP ***

VIP is a Vi emulating package written in Emacs Lisp. VIP implements most Vi commands including Ex commands. It is therefore hoped that this package will enable you to do Vi style editing under the powerful GNU Emacs environment. This info file describes the usage of VIP assuming that you are fairly accustomed to Vi but not so much with Emacs. Also we will concentrate mainly on differences from Vi, especially features unique to VIP.

It is recommended that you read nodes on survey and on customization before you start using VIP. Other nodes may be visited as needed.

Comments and bug reports are welcome. Please send messages to ms@Sail.Stanford.Edu if you are outside of Japan and to masahiko@sato.riec.tohoku.junet if you are in Japan.

1. A Survey of VIP  A survey of VIP.
2. Vi Commands  Details of Vi commands.
3. Ex Commands  Details of Ex commands.
4. Customization  How to customize VIP.

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