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Gnus Manual

You can read news (and mail) from within Emacs by using Gnus. The news can be gotten by any nefarious means you can think of---NNTP, local spool or your mbox file. All at the same time, if you want to push your luck.

This manual corresponds to Gnus 5.7.

1. Starting Gnus  Finding news can be a pain.
2. The Group Buffer  Selecting, subscribing and killing groups.
3. The Summary Buffer  Reading, saving and posting articles.
4. The Article Buffer  Displaying and handling articles.
5. Composing Messages  Information on sending mail and news.
6. Select Methods  Gnus reads all messages from various select methods.
7. Scoring  Assigning values to articles.
8. Various  General purpose settings.
9. The End  Farewell and goodbye.
10. Appendices  Terminology, Emacs intro, FAQ, History, Internals.
11. Index  Variable, function and concept index.
12. Key Index  Key Index.

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